"Breastfeeding is the most normal way to feed a baby, but there is technique and troubleshooting that is sometimes necessary. I have utilized Jaime's expertise in lactation countless times for my patients in L&D as well as my Doula and Midwifery clients, but even closer to my heart are the times we have chatted about issues when they have arisen with my now 19 month old nursling. Jaime is passionate about her calling, a calm voice, and welcomed ear when my mamas and I have needed it most."

 ~ Holly Best Parker RN, CD, LAM

"Even as a second-time breastfeeding mom, I am glad to have Jaime on my side. Her calm, straightforward nature and experience – both as a lactation consultant and breastfeeding mom herself – helped me troubleshoot when my newborn Polly was struggling to keep up with my forceful letdown. She has been a great resource as I transition to working outside the home full-time and maintaining my supply when pumping. I value Jaime as a professional, and I am thankful to call her my friend. I only wish I'd had her around the first time."

~ Brooke Edwards

sweet miriam hardin

sweet miriam hardin

"I met Jaime for the first time just after the birth of my first child. I then learned that she was a friend of the doula we had hired & a LC. This put me at ease since I was a first time momma and wanted so badly to nurse my baby, Miriam. Miriam & I struggled with the first couple months of nursing. Probably because I had no idea what I was doing but also because Miriam had difficulty with latch & so we were using a nipple shield. Jaime drove all the way out to our farm 30 miles south of Little Rock to help me out. It was so comforting to have this help in the comfort of our home, in bed, with my baby. Jaime really helped me to calm down and realize that I was doing a good job and was indeed feeding my baby. She also made me feel better about using the nipple shield and encouraged me to try latch without the shield about once/week or so as Miriam got bigger and developed more. By the time M was 8 weeks old we were done with the nipple shield & she was nursing like a champ! I'll never forget Jaime's help during that first month. Miriam is now 10 months old and it seems like there was never a time that we struggled with nursing. It comes with such ease and is enjoyable for both of us. The following picture is one I will always treasure since it's of my sweet girl, about 7 months old, frozen in a time where nursing could solve all problems and I just love how her head is slightly sweaty from our combined warmth."
 ~ Anna Hardin